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Larry Pilgrim has been practicing criminal law in the Sacramento and surrounding county courts since 1992. He began his career with the Sacramento County Public Defender’s office in 1992 and was hired by the Sacramento County District Attorney’s office in 1995. In 1998 he started his own private criminal defense practice where he has handled thousands of cases from arraignment to jury trial. In addition to criminal cases, Larry Pilgrim represents licensed professionals in disciplinary actions brought by their licensing boards as a result of criminal actions. In addition to practicing law, Larry is a professor at a local law school, is a master open water scuba diver and holds a private pilot’s license. He is also a semi professional saxophone player and a top ranked handball player. If you have been arrested for any crime contact Sacramento criminal lawyer Larry Pilgrim for your free consultation now to protect your legal rights. Call (916) 424-0400 for free consultation now.

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The majority of people do not understand that if they were arrested but never formally charged or even if their case was dismissed or they were not found guilty, the records of the arrest and of the court case still exist. These are part of a person’s non-judicial and judicial criminal records. These records are public and will not simply disappear or go away with time. If this situation applies to you, you need an experienced and tough expungement lawyer.

It is always in an individual’s best interest to have a criminal arrest expunged from their record. An arrest on a person’s record can affect an individual’s ability to get a job, housing, an education, loans and grants, special licenses, promotions, and security clearances. Regardless of your situation, you should place your trust in the skills of the experienced criminal defense attorney in Sacramento of Larry Pilgrim, call today for free consultation.

If you qualify to have your record expunged or sealed, and the court grants your petition of expungement, worrying about one incident in which you were found not guilty will no longer follow you around; however, if you don’t try for an expungement, your record will follow you around. Because your record can affect such a broad range of important life cases, it is extremely important to have your record expunged as soon as possible. Contact criminal lawyer in Sacramento, Larry Pilgrim today.

Regardless of whether your case was dismissed or acquitted a year ago or six years ago, you can still have your recorded expunged. Contact Sacramento expungement lawyer Larry Pilgrim to start the process today. Call (916) 424-0400 and speak with criminal attorney Sacramento Larry directly about your case.

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Dear Mr. Pilgrim, Thank you for taking care of my wife’s legal situation. She was going crazy with fear and worry until we met with you. Your calm, reassuring manner made us both feel calm about the situation. Everything you promised us came true. I hope we never need you again but if we do, […]

Bob and Dolores V.

Hey Larry, Just gotta thank you man!! You are the best!! I can’t believe I didn’t go to jail for my stupidity! I will send all my friends to you when the screw up!

Trevor W.

Larry and Amie, I can’t thank you enough for your support and help during the worst time of my life. You guys made it the best it could be.

Ms. M

Mr. Pilgrim, Thank you for everything!! I start my home detention today and am able to keep my job because of you.

Julius R.

Larry, Thank you for helping the folks I referred over to you. They went with a pre-paid legal services attorney at the start and their attorney missed their court date and she got a warrant for her arrest. I told them to hire you from the beginning and now they wish they had. They are […]

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