Gun Charges

Gun Charges

Gun crimes are difficult cases that will require the assistance of a Sacramento CA criminal defense attorney by your side. Each state has different laws regarding gun crimes. Speaking with your attorney can help you determine your available options and best course of action for your case. The Law Office of Larry Pilgrim is here to help you and your loved ones have a successful case.


Concealing a weapon

Most states require a license be obtained in order to carry a concealed weapon. Licenses may only be acquired through a series of classes on gun safety and passing a test to confirm you have proper knowledge of procedures and other gun safety issues. If you are pulled over or are approached by the police in another way, you can have serious consequences if you are found with a concealed weapon and no permit or license.


Firearm Possession

There are many situations that could bring about illegal firearm possession, including, but are not limited to:

  • If you have a current domestic violence charge
  • If you are dealing with a substance addiction, are mentally incompetent, or vagrant
  • Under the age of 16, unless an adult is present, or the weapon is unloaded
  • A convicted felon that may have the civil right for possessing a weapon


For those struggling with a gun charge, contact The Law Office of Larry Pilgrim. Our Sacramento criminal defense attorney can help you and your loved ones understand this case and what needs to be your next step. These cases can become complicated quickly and you will want an attorney there to guide you through each step. Your attorney can help you to have the most successful case possible, whether the charges are dropped all together, or you are able to receive a lesser sentence or consequences. Having an attorney handle your case allows for you to be able to keep your attention where it matters most, on spending time with your family or friends, as well as continuing to work or pursue interests while you are going through this case. Contact our office today to begin building your defense.